Web Design

These are a few examples of websites made for others as assignments for class. I worked on the site for Society of Arizona Sommeliers using WordPress and the other two examples are of sites developed as a team with three other people.

Designer Paula Scher, Student Project

As a team of four, we developed a static site coded with html5, css3, java script, and PHP. We chose the subject for class which was designer Paula Scher. The project manager came up with the wording and research and the developer coded the site.


As one of two designers on the team, I came up with the layout, font choices, and photo choices. The other designer designed the logo and chose the color choices to highlight Paula's work. We both had input on the entire design process and collaborated well.

We used Adobe XD to come up with the preliminary mock-ups, and Illustrator for the logo design.

Society of Arizona Sommeliers, Student Project

Site for the Society of Arizona Sommeliers located in Phoenix. 

The organization wanted a site that would fulfill their need to impart information to their members and the wine industry.


They want to make an online presence for themselves and educate their members on different aspects of wine. I developed the site with WordPress.

Life Coach Vonie Kalich, Student Project

Vonie Kalich is a local life coach. She is trained in Equine Gestalt Therapy but wanted a site independent of the horse therapeutic work she offers.


We developed this site as a team for a school project. We had a designer, designer/developer, project manager, and developer. My role was as designer/developer. The problem Vonie was faced with was wanting to appeal to a larger audience.

Her current site was limited to her Equine work, but she thought that some were not open to that therapy and wanted her audience to know she is trained in life coaching as well, 

As a team we developed her site to be clean and easy to navigate. She wanted it to feel playful with some of the images she chose to include. We also designed her logo.